The Smart Sups

The Smart Sups was founded and developed in 2021 by Damien and Shane who identified and understood the need to introduce an innovative and exciting product to the supplement industry.

Both Creators value the importance of brain function, a commonly overlooked factor that is imperative to one’s function and cognition, mind and body health, performance, and overall well-being. Damien and Shane also share the devotion to developing a product that is all natural understanding the importance of what you are putting inside your body. They worked collaboratively to introduce a product that is natural, backed by science while understanding the consumers’ needs and what the health industry has been missing. They pride themselves on delivering an upscale product while maintaining a high level of business integrity, customer relations and consistency in quality.

A brand focusing on a fast pace lifestyle

Our Intentions

Illuminate is a product designed for everyone looking to get the best out of their mental performance.

We've created this supplement with the intention to help individuals with a broad range of lifestyles reduce the mental blocks that they experience in day-to-day life by maximising your mind to its full potential.